From: Schmidt, Fred
Sent: Sunday, January 29, 2017 9:54 AM
To: Langstraat, Piet; Walsh, Mark; Roberts, Colin
Subject: Reorganization


‚ÄčGood Day, I'm writing this with a very deep heart, as you are aware, in my previous email, the facilities director has begun his implementation of a restructure plan.

  Just a short time ago I was in attendance of a board meeting, and the announcements were made of a budget, that looks positive and increasing due to growing enrollment. And I will tell you it was such a relieve to hear news of such a positive future, especially hearing the statement "There will be no layoffs, due to budget reductions".

  Then just a shortly after that, at the administration introduction, put in front of all facilities and operations staff, it was also said so positive" We are looking very positive for the next two years, there will be no budget reductions".

 After hearing this positive input from administration, I must say it was very relieving to convey this message of such promising news over and over, because our past years have been years of depletion in facilities and operations department.

  So on January 25 2017, the director of facilities, makes a presentation, of a reorganization plan, that is completely opposite of what these first messages conveyed. And the reality is that this presentation, was presented to the board and sounds like no opposition was placed against laying off 17 school district employees.

 I also understand there are some positives to this reorganization. the district is definitely in need of more trades people, but the true brass tax here is a decision has been made to lay school district people off, even though there is no budget reduction.

 In this reorganization plan, administration has pointed out that they are capable of adding, 30-50% more work, onto Custodian 2's, while saying the cleaning standards won't change, which we all know is not possible. So we are hearing quite clearly, laying off our junior entry level positions is fine who are the basic necessity of keeping schools clean and secure , over loading our Custodian 2's with responsibilities is fine, and allowing the over all district standard of cleanliness to decline, is fine, and of course effecting the over all morale of Victoria School District facilities employees is fine. 

 To say that these decisions are a wise direction to go, is quite disturbing, to us as school district employees, because the true question is how does this help keep our schools clean and safe, for our most valuable asset, the children.

 And the finale statement I must make is when I last asked to have a discussion around this reorganization, the soonest available time to meet with senior administration was 2 weeks away, That shows that layoffs, in the facilities department are not that crucial.

 Fred Schmidt

President CUPE 382.   

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