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                                       Presidents Report - April 2019


Hello everyone it’s April and spring has sprung for sure. For this month there is not a lot to report, because of spring break, hoping everyone took some time to relax and enjoy with family and friends. But now we are back into the grind. The big news we have coming shortly is our ratification vote for our local bargaining contract language, and on that I must clear up some confusion around this, the ratification vote is strictly for our local contract language, this is not voting for wage or benefits, changes that were ratified provincially, by the president’s council.
I must also send out condolences for one of our fallen Brothers, Joshua Bennet, our thoughts and wishes go to his family, and loved ones, we are very sorry for your loss.
Our general meeting is April 13th, at Eagle View Elementary, 10:00am come join us for a coffee and a treat, and get updated on the goings on around this district, hope to see you there.

Fred Schmidt.


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