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 Hello everyone, October already, well the school year has begun, and with that the new reorganization of Facilities and operations has begun. That being said the executive have been receiving quite a few questions on how some of this work will get accomplished. We can tell you we understand that runs are larger than expected, you can only do the best you can, if you have concerns please direct them to the managers, these are the people who should have those answers. On that note we have received many calls about, SR’s, and electronic input for the employer, we are going into the 21st century and with that being said that is the direction the employer wants to go. If you are having issues with your electronic device or with imputing that information contact the management team for your particular area and have them help you, that is why they are there. On that same note we understand there has been a few issues with the electronic time sheets as well, please ensure you submit your time sheets, so you will get your paycheck, if you have issues with this ensure you contact your manager so they can help you through your dilemma. It is very important that you go with electronic input as this is the direction that the Victoria School District is heading. Also we have been in many discussions with the employer about spring break, as well we have sent  numerous letters, and have done presentations to the board of trustees, and we have not received any recognition, for any of this, it’s quite reasonable to say we from where we are looking the trustees don’t have our best interest. 

 We as an executive have through the word of the membership have opted out of going to the district board meetings, and with the ad hoc committees, in order to show the employer we are not being treated fairly, or even equally around the spring break agreement. We are learning that we are not an integral part of this district if we are being treated differently.

 And on that we have also heard due to increased workloads across the operations and facilities dept. That some district employees are starting early, as we are a unionized work group, it is imperative that this stops unless you are getting paid overtime for this, We understand it’s about the pride and getting the job done but,the employer has taken that away by stating” we are cleaning for health not looks”  it does not help you if you are working for free. If the work  requires you to start early then you must contact your manager so you can be paid over time for that work, as it states in our contract we do not work for free, so please if you are starting work early (To Get The Job Done) please contact your manager and ask them if you will be paid to start early.

 Our next general meeting is on Oct 14,at 10:00am  come join us for coffee and snacks, and we hope we can answer some of the questions that are out there.



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