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Hello Everyone, here we are  November, and is it cooling down fast. Well the executive has been very busy over the past month, and I can say without a doubt one of the busiest for us ever, so I will try and squeeze everything in my report.

  I will start off by saying I’m very proud of everyone out there in CUPE 382, for dealing with the administration team that sits in front of us, it is quite pleasing to know that this implementation of the re-organization, is really testing how much our administration really knows, I proudly sit and tell them if they have any questions about our work, ask the experts, (And That’s All of You).It seems there are many bumps and flaws in this not so well laid out plan. And we are sure things will slowly rear to our favor, of getting more people to do the work.

 The portables are being build and the admin team has given 3 different completion dates, to no avail, the other day I was at one of the schools that the new portables were being built, I must say our guys and gals have done a fantastic job, I asked the people there on an approximate date of completion and they told me it’s not the date admin has said, because they have not asked the experts, they have the real answer.

 It is very important especially for the evening staff to report any time there is no replacement of your fellow worker at schools, we must record this  because it is time owed, to the school for cleaning, if you have any questions about any of this have a discussion with any executive member.

 As you are aware the executive is not attending school district committee meeting, because we are being treated “Differently” then the other locals, of the district, but in discussion with these other locals we are teaming together, which is historic for School Dist #61 bargaining groups.

 That being said we understand it is very difficult for our custodians right now due to work over load, we must tell you that, yes it helps the school if you start early, or miss your break, but the employer will not recognize, you putting in for over time. So how to work around that is take your breaks at appropriate times, don’t start early, don’t work past your quitting time, unless instructed by your supervisor. And if the work does not get completed contact your foreman.

 On another note, please inform your union exec if there are people doing our work, whether it be a teacher, a student, a parent, a principle, that includes desk tops, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, any of our custodial duties, that is our work and we should be doing it.

 On a happy note, there is the Christmas Dance happening Dec 9 2017, at the Croation Hall, on Gordon Head Road, Tickets will be on sale next week around weds.

  Also the admin team here had their thankyou luncheon, last Friday, it was a big turn out, and I’ll thank everyone that was there, for being respectful, it was good to see every one out enjoying one another’s company.

 Our next general meeting will be Nov 18 2017, due to Remembrance day on Nov 11 2017, we hope to see you there, Eagle View 10:00am, and The treasurer`, Darren Reed has offered to have a draw for 2 tickets, to the Christmas Dance, Thank You Darren.

 My last note is please everyone, it quite possible snow is coming, please be careful, whether your walking, driving, be smart...


 Thank You

Fred Schmidt, President CUPE 382



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