June 2019 - President's Report


June is here and another school year is ending. Changes are happening every day. The District Secretary Treasurer, Mark Walsh, is moving on to other things. We are sure he has a bright future in front of him. Soon we will begin Bargaining with the employer for our future contract.

There are many projects on the go and more work coming down the pipe. Our apprenticeship program had a great internal response and more information on that will be coming soon. The Trades Training Centre, behind Tolmie building, will be breaking ground shortly. There are portables being built at Frank Hobbs and more to come. We have been enjoying a new way of conducting business with the employer – it is positive. It’s also quite evident there is a lot of work for us on the horizon.

With Summer coming, many of us are working a different schedule than usual, or doing new projects, or are working alone. Please remember, work carefully, work smart.

I'm hoping everyone a great summer - enjoy the weather with family and friends. This Saturday June 8th is the final CUPE382 General Assembly before the summer break.

I hope I see you one last time before the end of this school year, on Saturday June 8th, at Eagle View Elementary, at 10:00am for coffee, and treats and (of course) up dates on business. 


Fred Schmidt

CUPE 382


May 2019 President’s Report


Here we are, the beginning of May, and that means many of us are thinking about our vacation time.

I have received many questions about how the employer is handling vacation time. The employer has a right to regulate when we take our vacations, and they can decline vacation requests based on operational requirements. However; the employer can also be flexible with vacation scheduling.  If you are hoping for flexibility with your vacation time, the best thing you can do is to start having discussions with your supervisor about your vacation requests.

Many members have asked me to speak to the employer for them, or on their behalf - some have even said, “that’s why I pay union dues.” I’d like to take a moment to clarify this point of confusion. We all pay our union dues, even me. The membership provides direction for the Executive, and the Executive works towards those goals. As an Executive, we are putting in countless hours of work each month for the membership. We are a small union with a small working Executive. A lot of the work we do is tedious, boring, stressful, time consuming, and goes on without recognition or notice. We don’t always have the ability to investigate an issue with the amount of rigour and sensitivity that some of our members would like. If you have an issue with something that is important to you, or you feel is not being handled correctly, we encourage you to take the initiative and discuss the matter with your supervisor. At that point, if you are still not satisfied with the outcome, then we encourage you to contact the Executive for assistance. We will always hear you and work towards resolving your issue, but we are asking that you have a discussion with your supervisor first and then bring it to the Executive.

Last Saturday we had our Ratification Meeting for Local Bargaining. The Union voted in favour of the suggested changes to the local contract language that were brought forward by the bargaining committee. We are now setting dates to exchange bargaining packages with the employer.  We will continue to update our members as we work through the bargaining process.

As I’m writing this report, we are about to head to CUPE BC convention. The conventions are important for us to attend; because this is an opportunity to participate in CUPE business at the Provincial and Federal level, but also so that we can compare notes, strategies, and build relationships with other CUPE locals from across BC.

Our next meeting is on May 11th. Join us at Eagle View for coffee and treats at 10:00AM.   

Thank You

Fred Schmidt

CUPE 382 President.

Thank you;
Web Editor CUPE 382


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