Welcome to CUPE 382, Custodial, Trades and Non-Trades Workers, Victoria School District 61

Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 382 Greater Victoria School Board Employees in the Province of British Columbia received our Charter when CUPE was formed in September of 1963.

Today, CUPE Local 382 is 211 members strong. Our painters, custodians, carpenters, plumbers, groundskeepers, electricians, equipment operators, truck drivers, labourers, and other skilled trades-people provide services in K-12 public education. 

As dedicated workers we clean schools, maintain buildings and grounds, service equipment, transport supplies, repair heating systems and provide other related services.  We are proud of all the work we do in creating a safe and healthy learning environment for students, staff and parents within our school community.

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  Feb 08 2019 - Due to weather and street conditions the general meeting will be canceled, for Feb 09 2019, Thank You and have a great weekend, Fred Schmidt.

Presidents Report - Feb 2019

Hello all! I'm hoping all is well out there. We are in February already, how unbelievable is that? I know it's cold and wet right now, but we are spoiled with wet but mild temperatures compared to the rest of the country. We do live in a special part of the world, and others seem to agree! The Victoria School District is increasing in enrollment all over the district, which is a great thing for us.

Speaking of more work. The Government has approved construction of the new Daycare portables, which means lots of extra work for our trades people. The upgrade at SJ Willis have been delayed due to funding hiccups, but we are busy at Campus View doing the seismic upgrade to that school. We are working on an expansion on Northridge elementary as well.
There are some changes coming about catchment boundaries. These changes are intended to help equalize the enrollment in across schools. There are also changes coming in the near future with some of our buildings. We will post more information on our website as it becomes available. There is a link about the catchment boundaries changes on our website.
The Relief positions and Seasonal Grounds Keepers positions have been posted. If you are interested in any of these positions and you have the qualifications, please apply. You have to apply for these positions in order to get them. I’m hearing people say, "I won’t get that position it will go to someone higher in seniority." You should still put in for it because you never know, you could get it.
This time of year, a lot of people are off due to illness. Because of a shortfall of employees, we are often asked to “Pick Up The Slack.” Remember you can only do so much before you run out of time, so we all must work smart, and diligently in these difficult over-loaded times. I’m going to say this till I’m blue in the face, but take your breaks! These breaks are very important. A break helps your body recoup from repetitive strain, and helps you recharge, especially with the over load of work we all have.
The CUPE382 Super-Bowl bowling event is taking place on March 09. You should have an email about it, or you can check our website for details. We hope to see you all there!
Come join us at Eagle View on Feb 9, for coffee and treats, and get updates, and hopefully we can answer any questions you may have.
Fred Schmidt.    



 Jan 29 2019 -  GVSD Seeks Input on New Proposed Catchment Boundaries - https://www.sd61.bc.ca/news-events/community/catchment-boundary-review/ 

VSD Seeks Input on New Proposed Catchment Boundaries



Jan 12 2019

  Our new elected executive are as follows:

      President               Fred Schmidt

      Vice President       Paul Knapik

      Treasurer                Darren reed

     2nd Vice President   Jim Pretruzzelli

     Recording Secretary  Brian Whin-Yates

      Sargent at Arms        Tony Mcquire

      Member at Large       Todd Conrod

      Member at Large        Terina legge

      Trustees                      Gilles Larose

                                          Steve Fletcher


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